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Renewable Energy Sources (OZE) 1st International Scientific Conference OZE 2010

In May 2009 the National Centre for Research and Application of Renewable Energy Sources has been inaugurated. The Centre has come into operation as a project financed by structural funds of the European Union (Operational Programme for Research and Development from European Fund of Regional Advancement). Beside investment and research activities the Centre is oriented to dissemination of knowledge in the field of development and applications of various forms of non-conventional energy sources: solar energy, electrical and thermal energy from biomass, wind energy, hydropower and geothermal energy. Among current scientific events the International conference Renewable energy sources 2010 is organized.

IPC Chairman

Julius Cirak


The objectives of conference are to create a common platform for researchers and professionals involved in different areas of renewable energy sources. The conference provide mutual exchange of experience and compare what is already in the field of basic research materials and systems for renewable energy sources, but also the possibility of real practical use of renewable energy sources in the economy, subsequent to the economics and ecological aspects.


Renewable energy sources are prospective alternative environmentally acceptable form of acquisition of energy (electricity, heat) to enable sustainable growth. The conference program includes in its various forms of renewable energy: solar energy (photovoltaics), chemical energy (biomass processing and utilization in cogeneration units), water and wind energy and geothermal energy. The content of these individual areas will be incorporated into the framework of invited lectures, papers and poster section. The conference will be presented to the scientific results of the National Center for Research and application of renewable energy, which was established in the year 2009 for the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.


  1. New materials in photovoltaic and advanced photovoltaic systems.
  2. Organic photovoltaic, concepts and realization.
  3. Possibilities in further exploitation of hydroenergetic potential and optimalization of water power-plants operation
  4. Energy valorization of biomass
  5. Biomass – source of energy
  6. Biomass – materials source
  7. Possibilities in geothermal energy exploitation
  8. Development trends in renewable energy sources
  9. Feasibility in financing of RES projects
  10. National and international cooperation in RES development
  11. The role of energy policy in RES advancement
  12. Legislation of RES in EU and in Slovak Republic.




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High Tatras - Tatranské Matliare
May 18 - 20, 2010
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